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Easily calculate what you need to meet your goals!

You've got 14 marks so far throughout the year, all with different weights. Your exam is worth 30%, and you want an 80% in the course. Or maybe you just want to pass! Easily calculate the mark you need on that exam to reach your goal with Mark Calculator! All for FREE with no ads!

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Fast & Easy

Enter all your grades for a course, and keep them there. Want to know what you need to get an 80%? How about what your grade will be if you get a 75% on the exam? Find out quickly and without entering everything twice!



This calculation can be done with pen and paper, or a calculator. You can also travel from Hawaii to Australia by swimming. This tool will help save some trees and give your brain some much needed rest during exam time!


Free for Everyone

Being a student can take a huge hit on your wallet. And everyone hates ads. This is something that every student should have come exam time, so here it is, free and without ads!